Best Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costumes

It is hard to say which sort of costumes are the best Halloween costumes, as everyone will have their own opinion. For some it will be characters from the films. Horror movies and for others it will be everyday items that they find frightening. The Joker may be frightening to some whereas others will have no problem at all with it. In some cases there may be a preference for costumes that are blood thirsty and gory, and in other cases could be ones where there would be a psychological fear.

Some costumes can be funny as well as frightening.  A troll can look scary, but then again they appear in children’s books. For a child who wants to take part this will be an ideal costume. It is really just dark trousers, a long green tunic and a red hat. Some of them have a scary mask but this may be too much for some and so does not have to be worn but either way it can be one of the best Halloween costumes.
Adults will be capable of dealing with more horrific and this will tend to be in the form of ghoul and zombie prosthetics. They can look appalling and will be covered with blood and for an adult party this will be seen as one of the best Halloween costumes. Others will be included in this category and can cover things such as Leatherface and Jason.

One that I loved some years ago was someone who went as a blood bank. They were covered with strong bags filled with water and food coloring but then had a separate one that was filled with red wine. This was shocking in some ways as although everyone knew that none of them were blood. Certainly the one that was being drunk was no blood, it was still a sickening thought. When it comes to the best Halloween costumes this has to be up there.

Vampires have been really popular recently and it seems there are items connected to some of the programs that are available online. Teenagers in particular will be able to dress up as many of the characters and as they are bound to have many pieces of clothing that will be suitable. They all will need the wigs, and sometimes not even that, and then buy items such as the daylight rings and a blood bag from a store.

Some of the best Halloween costumes ideas will come from items that you already own and this will be the case in particular if you want to make a child’s costume. An old black dress can be cut down to make them a witch or zombie outfit, and quite often they will have pajamas or a onesie that relates to a character and this will prevent the need to buy anything for them.