80’s Costumes for Party: Valuable Tips for Women


80’s Costumes for Party: Valuable Tips for Women
By Dave | Published June 21, 2013
80’s Costumes for Party: Valuable Tips for Women
Looking like the 1980s superstars in a party outfit has become a trendy thing. While the colors to mimic the 80’s costumes tend towards neon, the clothing concepts include popped collar shirts and denims. For women, miniskirt, fishnet stockings or leggings, bracelets and makeup items are the highlights for dressing like the 80’s musicians and movie stars. What about the hairdo? Simply bright, loud, and obnoxious.
The following 80’s costumes party tips for women are focused on make-up  and hairdo to complement a lady’s 80’s clothing for a party;
Make-up Tips
The makeup in the 80s was generally loud. Perhaps people living in this decade could not tell when makeup is enough, or they simply wanted it heavy. So, in order to mimic the 80’s makeup perfectly, keep loading on your foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner…the major makeups.
This is how it works;
The Basics:
· Start with the foundation. Remember, it needs to be as heavy as possible to give you a perfect reflection of the 80’s style. So, cake it on.
· Apply blush, preferably dark in color. It should be as heavy as possible and easily noticeable. This will help highlight your beautiful cheek bones.
· Paint your lips with pink lipsticks, ensuring that it gets heavy on the not-glossy finish.
The 80’s hairdo helps to highlight the 80’s costumes perfectly. The major thing is this; the 1980s people had voluminous hair to work with. Today, you can get even better hair density by applying lavish amount of mousse and gel, plus teasing the hair sufficiently.
Here are helpful tips to get more hair and apply flairs to highlight the 80’s hairdo;
· Get a suitable wig, the one with full hair. Usually, the blonde hair wigs work better.  However, you can buy black and use dye to highlight your desired color.
· Integrate Loud Bangs; this was typical of Madonna’s hairdos. Make sure you tease the bangs out sufficiently, not forgetting to apply large amount of hairspray, gel, as well as mousse.
· Perm the hair; the trendy types include tight curls, just the way you will picture Lionel Ritchie who probably inspired the Poodle Perm. You can go for Kath wig or purchase a home perm kit to do it yourself.
· Hair Highlights; the 80’s costumes also reflected frosted hair tips to complement the entire attire – remember Billy Idol? The trick is to gel the hair out sufficiently so that you can reveal your hair roots.
· Hair Scrunchies;  this is a special band suitable for a Side Ponytail hairdo. Just ensure you wear it in a stylish manner that reflects the 80s way of packing hair.
These makeup and hairdo tips for 80’s costumes would make you the talk of the day as you appear in Halloween parties or other parties.

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