Award winning Homemade Best Halloween Costumes

Award-winning Homemade Best Halloween Costumes

The best Halloween costumes are usually the creative unique types. Depending on the amount of time, effort and creativity you put into it, you will surely produce homemade Halloween costume that would gain people’s attention. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to make award-winning costumes at home. You can apply creativity to ordinary items to make the best costumes for Halloween.
Here are some great ideas for award-winning homemade Halloween costumes;
A Noticeable Halloween Costume
One of the best Halloween costumes concepts that would be noticeable is the life-sized Lego pieces. This costume concept is unique, yet inexpensive. Whether you are considering a group Halloween costume or something that would work for an individual or pairs, the Lego pieces (live-sized) is a creative and unique concept to consider.
How to Create the life-sized Lego Pieces
Step 1: First, you will need 3ft by 3ft large box. Your box could be bigger than the size specified. The most important thing is to make sure that your torso will be covered. You also need glue for this creative task.
Step 2: Create a hole on the top part of the box, a size-able hole that your head can fit through. You also need two holes on both sides to fit your arms.  Next, cut the flaps away from the box’s bottom to open it.
Step 3: At this point of creating the best Halloween costumes to mimic life-sized Lego pieces, you will need to add some features with glue. Get several solo cups and glue their rim onto the front of the box, just the same pattern as Lego. Make a trace of the rims on the box.
Step 4: The next step is to start cutting out circles out of the trace you made.
Next, use the glue to attach the solo cups onto the box’s interior. If you do this perfectly, it will come out like those slots that Legos fit into one another.
Step 5: match the box’s color with that of the cups using a suitable paint
Dressing Up in Your Lego Halloween Costume
Get a matching color of shirt and leggings or pants to complement the color of the box. Consider black for the shirt and leggings, as well as the shoes. You will definitely look unique and stunning in your homemade Lego pieces costume. Such award-winning costume is regarded as one of the best Halloween costumes.
Another noticeable Halloween costume concept is the one that mimics Mario and Princess Toadstool. This is one of the old classic but evergreen best Halloween costumes concepts. Just like the Lego piece described above, it only takes creativity and cheap items from your local thrift store to create stunning Halloween outfit that mimics Mario and Princess Toadstool.