Animal Costumes Ideas for Halloween


Animal Costumes Ideas for Halloween
By Dave | Published October 19, 2014

Consider mimicking your favorite animal this Halloween with animal costumes. When it comes to costumes to mimic animals, there are limitless possibilities. You can choose from unusual animals such as the anteater. You may also prefer to mimic a common animal such as the domestic cat. While you can buy already-made animal costumes, you can also create a custom version and include all the details just as you want them. If you choose to make your own animal costume for the Halloween, there are varieties of materials to create ears, tails, teeth, fins or furs depending on the animal you choose to mimic.
Different Animal Costume Ideas
There are thousands of bird species you can choose from for your Halloween costume. If you want to highlight the signature look of a peacock, consider exotic display of feathers, either by buying ready made costume or creating your own. One great idea is to pair blue leotards with a feather tail. Another great idea is colorful tropical bird costume, this would definitely get all heads turning – toucans would be just stunning. Also, if you choose animals costumes this Halloween and decide to mimic birds, you can wear black tights, long orange beak, as well as a colorful leotard to make the costume complete.
There are varieties of cats to choose from for your Halloween animal costume. To mimic a cat with your Halloween costume is not just all about gluing a tail to your pants at the back and wearing a pair of ears. How about sporting the exotic spots of jaguar, cheetah or leopard by using animal-printed fabric to sew your Halloween costume? If you prefer to wear stripes, consider sewing a tiger costume. Manes for female lions are distinct from their male counterparts. A great idea is to sport a mane created from the fur of aux animal, the one that would fit perfectly around your head. Want the sleek look of black panther? Then consider dressing in all black.
Marine Animals
There are tons of animal costumes ideas you can generate from the marine life. What about dressing like a fierce-looking shark? You can also choose to mimic other species such as tigers, lemons, and nurses. Dress up to highlight the characteristics of sharks by wearing large fake teeth and fins. If you prefer to mimic a blowfish, consider adding some additional spikes and fluff. Another great marine animal idea with your Halloween costume is to mimic a lobster or crab by putting a pair of antennas and adding some claws.
Thinking of yourself looking like a green sea turtle this Halloween? Then consider wearing a long-sleeve shirt of green color on green pants, and complete the costume by making a shell from a cardboard. These great animal costumes ideas will get heads turning this Halloween.

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